Best Moment Award? I’ll take it!


Well, I am certainly surprised and humbled by kanzensakura’s nominating me for this award.  I am particularly moved by this award because I do try to capture a moment, a feeling, or impression of a subject in its simple state of being.  I believe that life’s simple moments, like the falling of  a drop of rain or the realizing of rust on an old door, hold an entire world of beauty.  It is my goal to collect and convey these moments as best I can.  What has begun as a way for me to express myself to myself has turned into something more than I had ever imagined.

This is not to say I have any delusions of grandeur or self-importance; I’m just ecstatic that we, the people, have a place to express ourselves, applaud each other, and support the humanities, and I get to be a small part of it.  Thank you again for the nod and I will try to improve my writing so that I may be worthy of such an accolade.

Now for the speech (wait, that wasn’t it?) :

First, I would like to thank my wife who has been a great supporter of my writing.  We have been together for over half of my life  and she has been a wonderful supporter every day thereof.  I also must thank the venerable Dr. J. Mercer at my university for teaching me, whether I wanted to learn or not, about great literature.  Before I came to study English to become an ESL teacher, I read little to nothing and had scant appreciation for literature.  Dr. Mercer also has been very supportive of my poetry.  Well, he hasn’t seen my poetry, but he has been very complimentary of my poetry analysis skills (he’s the bloke I’m writing the Emily Dickinson analyses for; you may have seen a few).  His lauding of my analyses in class has bolstered my confidence to share my writing with anyone outside of my wife.  However, all due credit must given to Nature, who, if I’m lucky, uses me to help tell her story.  I never know where the words or what I write come from until after the fact.  If they don’t come from me, I tend to think they come from her.  Either that or, as I often remark, “My brain knows something I don’t and it often keeps it secret from me.”

Finally, I have to thank each and every person who has read one word that I’ve written.  Without you, I would not have the courage nor the fortitude to keep doing this.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses to these musings.  I have also been inspired by the words of others who are my “brothers and sisters in art.”  I’ve seen beautiful photographs, heart-rending poems, flippant flits of wit, and touching testimonials of faith and nature.  Each one of you has inspired me and I am, if anything, a reflection of the beauty I’ve witnessed.  Thank you.

Some of those who have captured wonderful moments that I have been fortunate enough to find are (in no particular order) : (yes I nominated him for inspiring blogger as well, but he has good stuff!)


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