The Day I left My Body

One day I left my body
For want of love intact
On a cold morn’ in January
In the park beside my flat

I floated high; I floated out
I floated to meet the muse
To find Demeter yet to sprout
From the seeds she once consumed

Their whispers winnowed in the air
Of the beauty to bloom in season
So I tried at once to tickle her ear
To quell her woe with reason

“Bleak December we know all too well
‘Til April feeds her children
But the beauty of life is just a shell
It’s to death we owe allegiance

“From my hearth, I do worry not
Since the body is of Hers
And in this ground we all will wilt
To feed you, sweet Demeter


3 thoughts on “The Day I left My Body

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