Midday Vigil

We brought you home
Our bundle of joy
Quiet, dumb, perfect
No need for words

Then the eyes surround
Blossoms from the walls
Stealing glimpses, buzzing light
Bumbled whey of curds

The vigil begins
Catching Bated Breath
With open jars and incense
You’re rolled; a tourniquet

‘Til morning came
You smiled and nodded polite
We stepped outside with candles new
But the noon consumed the light


4 thoughts on “Midday Vigil

    • My surprised face, let me show it: =O

      Thank you so very much for the nod! These considerations from other writers and talents do mean a great deal to me. It is very much appreciated! I’ll make my page soon.

      本当にびっくりしたよ!ありがとうございます。さいきん自分の日本人友だちは”ブローさんは詩人”とて。”そじゃないよ!”と話した。詩人まだないだけどなりたいです。きみのことばはたすけっています。また、ありがとう。私はがんばります! (ごめんなさい、自分の日本語は下手です。)

  1. So lovely. The man about whom I wrote in the three part Samurai and the Wren, lost our daughter less than hour after she was born. She lived just long enough for us to fall totally in love with her, for her to nap and have one baby dream, awaken, and then go to sleep forever. The ones we love are so very precious and live forever in our hearts.

    • I started reading your story and am quite jealous of your ability to maintain prose. I simply lack that skill. I read part III and look forward to reading the others. I believe you capture a sense, whether on design or coincidence, of being in a wonderful (not necessarily positively connotative) world.

      It may be the weather here today, but your story had me travelling back to my heart’s home, Japan.

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