Sometimes, I have to remind myself it is OK to cry.  It is OK to mourn for those who we have lost but never met.  It is OK to mourn the unknown victims of violence everywhere.  It is OK to feel compassion for those whose life has been superfluously discarded by a madman. It is OK to cry.  It is OK to feel.  It is OK for your heart to ache like a thousand deaths for those who are suffering.  This does not make you less of a “man.”  This does not make you less of a human.  This does not make you weak.  This means you have loved.  I have loved.  I love still.  And for every person marred and scarred by those whose suffering has lashed out at others, I love you.  I will miss you.  I will mourn you though I don’t know you.  This makes you human.  I am human.  And tonight, like last night and the nights before, I weep for those who have loved and lost.  I weep for those who never loved for those are most tragic.  I weep.  From the children in Syria to those who hunger in Africa to people yearning for freedom at home and abroad, I am with you.

You are important; you are deserving of love; and your light is important in scattering the darkness.  “Time wounds all heals,” but love is what binds us all together; and love shall be the ointment to our ailment.




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