Name Worm

the Burrow worms
the Burrow worms
they dine on this page
not writing; just peeling off the paint

i met them while i was sleeping
they tell me to do things
but mostly… well, mostly
i scratch a page

but i see them. i see them
they wriggle in my dreams
they Burrow inside to whisper…

they tell me i’m no worm
but i don’t listen
i’ve found a long toothpick
and tonight i’ll prick them

to see the worms, the Burrow worms
at least with waking eyes
would do no good i’ve understood
but i’ve no reason to think they’re right


2 thoughts on “Name Worm

  1. It seems you and I have a fascination with worms. They’ll wage war under your feet as you mow the lawn or cut in at the end of the line when your skin and bones lie indisposed under soil. This poem whispers to me like a weird dream which sings They Might Be Giant’s “Dr. Worm.” Thank you for sharing your brand of worms, AB! I prefer them over the real thing 🙂

    • Indeed. Worms are quite wondrous creatures, both literally and figuratively. They’re place in literary symbolism is fun to play with, but they’re real-world antics are equally interesting.

      And thanks for the TMBG reference. I am woefully ignorant of their music, so I’m glad to have the invitation to peruse further. It may also give me a new meaning for the poem. So far, everybody sees it a bit differently.


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