Of Ash and Ember

I found a man of ashes and embers
Inside the cave of a mountain forest
Who cursed the name of one who would be god
Before a spike feigned to dream of the Rood

This man’s silken tongue hissed in the night air
His eyes bright white globes of mortal despair
Held pupils of coal billowing smoke – soot
Which anchored his flesh as kudzu takes root

He slithered his words caressing my ears
With visions of grandeur, love to endear
Promises of palaces, all mine own
This for the mere pittance of bowing down

And I said,

“When I was a boy, glory had thrilled me
Now I am a man, ’tis beauty I seek
The world has riches, To me but a bore
What manner of grace have you, I implore

“Neither gifts nor titles intrigue me so
As the currents or quakes or winds that blow
Had you such wonders, I’d gladly consent
To live in your smoke of woe and lament

With these words his tongue had hissed and recoiled
His eyes burst flames and the oceans had roiled
The kudzu retreated, pink flesh exposed
Ashes and embers, this ingle gone cold

[As I left the mountains, the forest cave
The hissing stopped except for one name
Exhausted of fire, rekindled by blood
Sabachthani, ye martyr of the Rood]


10 thoughts on “Of Ash and Ember

    • I’m still working on where this came from… My brain doesn’t often share what’s going through its mind (if that makes sense at all).

      So I hope that’s a positive remark! 🙂

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