Enter Title Here (>.<)

He’s beautiful, man – I think he’s a man
Or so he was when last we met
A pen-deviled mummer; a wonderful traveler
Even the years of then
As he grew older, each year older
Great wires embraced his neck
Then slipped into his veins; unknown to the Brain,
The body infected

So dim, the eyes; fogged, stained windows
Face down in moors and slough
Wire-sprout snakes emanate – snape
From his skull bones
When he spake, harsh discordant sounds
Abraded the ears
Until connected with others infected
With veins of wires

Beautiful man – once beautiful man
When once of Dandelion
Now skin of grey and dark bumped wrists
Serve as great Orion
Fair game – all; ’twas even of then
Ripe for this disease
Once blood-filled veins now flow silicone alone
This man is extinct


7 thoughts on “Enter Title Here (>.<)

  1. I like this trend you are on. Puts me in mind of the smoke filled basement coffee houses I hung out (and read or screamed poetry) in days of yore, when I was a love beaded, multi-hair braided, hip hugging bell bottomed fairy child. Good memories brought to mind with this one – keep it up. Let those creative rivers flood over the banks.

    • Thank you! I’m still recovering after this last semester, so my output has taken a sharp dive. However, I’m pleased with the reception this poem has had; it is very encouraging. 😀

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