A Note on Absences

It’s been a while since I have posted on this site, and I hope that this hasn’t dissuaded anybody from reading my posts that are (hopefully) to come. In the interim between this post and the last, I graduated college, moved from my apartment to my mother’s and grandmother’s house, discovered that I’ll be moving to Fukushima in July (yes, that Fukushima), and acquired a massive writers block around my muse center. I think the stress from all of these things combined just borked my ability to write anything with a modicum of worth. Hopefully, as I settle in for the next few weeks, I can get back in the swing of things and continue my work here.

Also, I apologize to those whom I follow for missing what I know must be some great poetry. I will be trying to work through archives to see what I have missed. Until I catch up, I hope everybody is having a great summer!



2 thoughts on “A Note on Absences

  1. That was the region where there was nuclear accident as I recall, but believe current reports indicate no discernible health risk…have a great summer.

    • Yep, that’s the one! And I did do my due diligence on discerning the danger of dying in the area. It appears, from all the sources I could find, that things are safe. The prefecture is quite large, so we may not end up anywhere close to the plant that was damaged.

      My number one issue at the moment is just getting comfortable to write again. Being in a new place has affected my mojo (that and trying to force an idea for a poem that I wasn’t ready to write), but I’m feeling ideas slipping through. Now I just need my pen! 😀


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