Into the Pasture VIII


Fields of green imbibe
Years of unanswered prayers
Longing to be green

Crabs of grass delight
In sudden, torrential rain
Too long in coming

Forgotten plastic
Exposed by the breaking drought
May you too be green


5 thoughts on “Into the Pasture VIII

    • 😀 I’m sorry, but that’s all I had in me. To be honest, I’m surprised I had that much! However, I am very pleased that you were fond of the series. I’m still trying to… branch out into other forms (extended being of the them).


      • I was half crazy when I wrote that, but honestly, try it. See how it works. I’m very much an experimental person although I have been know to: if isn’t broken, take it apart anyway. I think it will be an interesting experiment and may lead to some other thoughts about changes or reworkings.

      • Branching out is hard. But I think cathartic. Writing the love story of my life in prose, writing of other moments in free form and always, always in my best loved haiku and tanka.

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