A Picnic

I remember the day we both did lay on a blanket facing sky
We talked of nothings and previous dreams with no regard for time
The wine flowed red as the hair on your head, your eyes brown, sweet, and kind
For a moment we stared and almost we shared something quite divine

I remember your dress caressing your breasts with every breath you’d take
While the summer breeze played across your knees the mere thought of made me shake
We were under the spell of neither heaven nor hell for the time we were entwined
For a moment we stared and almost we shared something b’yond divine

I remember the leaves that covered the trees; they whispered in my ear
The secrets of time and how to deny its end coming near
I reached for your hand and slipped on the band and asked you to be mine
For a moment we stared and ultimately shared something I can’t define

Now years have passed and people have passed with plenty to regret
And when I am sad the moments we had, like the time that we first met,
Fill me with joy like I was a boy; I travel back in time
To the moments we stared and the times that we shared that truly were divine.


8 thoughts on “A Picnic

  1. I am so glad you reblogged….this is so very sweet and loving. and it made me cry. And my Villain Nell posted today would tell you why. but this is so very lovely.

    • I hope that it’s more of a comfort of feeling that love than the missing of the loss. Cherry blossoms always kind of remind me of both.

      Oh, but that first viewing, when it seemed like the blossoms would not, could not fall… that was something special; something I can never get back.

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