Two quick haiku before the plane


Yellow-dip sunset
Drifts below the mountain’s shores
Humid breeze settles

Red mountains ablaze
Flames kiss sky and shore alike
Cooling Lake Travis


4 thoughts on “Two quick haiku before the plane

    • ロスアンジェリーズから東京までの飛行機はだめでした!それから、空港にねましたよ。大変ですね。すぐに新飛行機つきって東京に行きます。自分はとてもつかれた。

      • I hate flying. You are braver than I because I have enough problems with sleeping as it is. I have never slept in an airport or on the plane because of paranoia. It is a tiring trip. the one time I went to Tokyo, left out of Heathrow and arrived in Tokyo. I was so tired but as soon as I stepped off the plane, I was majorly pumped. I don’t think I slept the whole time. got back to London and slept for a week! Is this the final trip? Are you in Japan now for good?

        • Yep, here for good now! Just had dinner with my best friend and wife, so I’m pretty well set. However, the 2 full days of travel have really knocked me out. Well, I shouldn’t forget the jet lag, too. I’ll have some stuff to post, probably some pictures too, and will start getting that stuff up in the next few days.

          Woot! Tokyo!

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