Leaves of LAX (pt. 3)


Paired! Doomed! At the mercy of the three-pronged
Bags strewn about
Moat-ing bubbles; ill-will displays
Signs that say, “Do not hug me, Brother; do not see me, Sister”
So I do not see them
I am, after all, polite
But where shall I find my mate?


Quick friends; open bar
Croons of “Oh”s and “Yeah”s
Absolut love and gooses gander
To ease, what may be,
The last meal either eats


5 thoughts on “Leaves of LAX (pt. 3)

      • It is lucky for us. Good classic work. I’m trying to discipline myself to few words…yeah, right. Like a southern version of Morticia Addams is going to be reticent.

        • lol! Before I started this blog, I was rather intent on writing haiku and tanka so that I had to be “efficient.” There’s nothing wrong with the verbose, but it’s always fun to work on areas that are challenging. Once I started seeing a word limit as a bad thing, instead of a minimum as the target, I knew I had tilted towards “the dark side.” 😀 But I do not find your writing to be overly wordy; I find it lovely.


        • wow, you all just blew me out of my chair. If I had a fan right now, I’d be wafting it and fluttering my lashes. but truly, thank you. I am truly thankful. I always admire your work so and for you to say this, truly makes me smile. Hey, I like the “dark side”, they have cookies! I’m not limiting myself to words though. I am just trying to discipline myself and being a rowdy girl from way back, sometimes I need to do that. It is more of a different way of looking the world around me and within me. If it takes 8 words, I’m not gonna trash it. I’m gonna set it down.

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