My Absurd Pen

Air/Con hums – soft blue lights
Stinging eyes barbed in delight
The weary mind condensed at night
Denying the dream; once, a right

Pens bleed blue-black on pages
Stages of modern men behaving
Badly – sadly – adverbially abused
Introduced to the noose
Early. Frequent. Used.

And poets obtuse – often a ruse
To hide mediocrity which
– from their skin protrudes –
All in a lack – vanity, no doubt
Their venom is sharp once they’re found out

Yet poets are not pros
sustain loses the game
Where whispers and absurdities
fly purple-winged-dish-washing-lycanthropes
to rhyme


2 thoughts on “My Absurd Pen

    • I’m elated that you enjoyed this quip. I was not sure whether or not to post it, but it’s been a decent read for some folks.

      It’s always good to reflect with some affable self-critique.

      And it’s wonderful to see you perusing my musings! ありがとう!


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