This is Fukushima

I wanted to take a moment from my silliness to help an individual I met when I first arrived in Fukushima.  His name is Cameron Anderson and he is trying to fund the completion of his movie about the real Fukushima; the Fukushima that we live everyday.  This is a place of great beauty, hardy spirits, and, yes, great tragedy.  However, this area needs everybody’s support.

The disaster is very real, seemingly omnipresent in our daily lives.  From the nightly radiation readings on the news to the refugee camp a little north in my new hometown, we are very aware of what happened and where we live.  This is not something residents take lightly here.  However, if you wade through the hyperbole and fear and misinformation, you will see a beautiful place so different from the nuclear hellscapes  you read about in some news stories.

Please help this film help the people of Fukushima to add their voice to the conversation.

The people in the promo are real.  They’re people I’ve met.  They’re my friends and community. They are people very fond of this beautiful land and are doing what they can to aid in its recovery.  I ask a pittance of viewing this 2 minute video, sharing it your friends, and voting for Cameron to finish his movie.



There is so much more to Fukushima than the disaster.

Vote/support here:


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