Variations on an Epistle

Is there a home for the wayward traveler ?
for the weary minded rambler?
for the mosquito-bitten, flea-ridden Magellan?
who seeks a piece in this world
peaceful and pleasant?

Where a talent for tongues curries real salvation
and the tasting of wine – grander than occupation
Where one saddles next to one – intimate and naked,
tasting the other his fruit, free in libation
and devour – entwine – the history of a million mothers
with a mouthful of her flavours,
refined in her daughters.

Where life gives lay to the daedal hues of night
Where ferment and fragrance foments forward delight
Where Jove’s blood brings blessings in dark, deep reds
Whereupon flowers find fertile favour with Nysiads

Where all pipe the tune – ‘tween the lips, we whistle
“Pistol to pistol; petal to petal;
Pistol to petal and petal to pistol”
Writes every traveler
– variations on an epistle –


8 thoughts on “Variations on an Epistle

  1. hey! I was wondering why I had not had any posts from you in forever. I checked and the follow button was showing not following. I’ve had that happen with several posts I follow. I’m going to have to catch up! I’ve missed you. Take care.

    • I have to admit, I thought I offended you and you unfollowed me. 🙂

      I also haven’t been around much due to some personal issues, but the impending cherry blossoms have me feeling much more 元気。 And welcome back!!!

      • Sweetie, I’m sorry you thought that but I am sooo glad this is straight. I sez to myself, Is Aaron okay? Is he really busy? I haven’t heard from him in ages and then I found all those likes from you so I did some investigating. It caused me to check several other people as well. Dang…The cherry blossoms here are finally starting to come out. makes me pensive…but they are so beautiful. glad to see you again!

        • Well, you have already! I’ve always had a bit of the melancholia, but reaching out and identifying with others through art has kept me (mostly) sane. Reading your poems, 物の哀れ and 愛が咲く in particular, has been helping to ‘break the funk.’ I have more catching up to do, but let’s say it’s been a long December:

        • I can relate – truly. I’m not good at embedding things but I was down awhile back and a friend shared this crazy little video with me and it made me smile…hope it does the same for you.

        • SPG?! Nice! Steam Punk music, oddly enough. I had forgotten about them. >.< Thank you! I love their vocal harmonies. Now I'm getting relaxed and groovy. 😀

        • Good! relaxed and groovy is the way to go. I was just recently introduced to SPG and I really like them. My husband couldn’t sleep the other night and asked me to sing to him and I sang him Honeybee. the lad went right off to dreamland. Relaxed and groovy.

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