The days of rain drench humid air grey
-and I relay ‘Tis a lovely Spring day

A light breeze drifts by sauteed green beans
-and I think ‘Tis a lovely Spring

While ‘taters are boiling a beauty is snoring
-dreaming then roaring, “The Spring ‘s so alluring!”

As I mash and make room to the sizzle of mushrooms
-I positively swoon ‘Tis Spring’s flavour in full bloom

And this beer is a treat – hoppy gold; winter wheat
-and I entreat ‘Tis Spring’s taste that’s so sweet!

Then with my belly so full I drift to a lull
-the season I mull ‘Tis Spring I love


5 thoughts on “Dinnering

    • I’ve done that since I was a kid; it’s kinda of a joke between we siblings. We’re also huge ‘tater fans, so EAT ALL THE TATERS!!!

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