In the Land of Stationary, and still…

So, I really can’t write without a journal/notebook.  I try to write with just the computer, but it feels so artificial and inorganic.  I need to get on this.  Does everybody have such particular needs to write?  Or am I just weird?


15 thoughts on “In the Land of Stationary, and still…

  1. Well i can write on a computer but am much happier and more productive with pen and paper. Something more real about holding the pen, guiding it over the paper. touching keys isn’t as exciting. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful memory – what an incredible sight probably as you say, you are the only one to see that pebble…my mind just vibrates at that vision. It took me 20 years to write about the drowned pear trees. it’s been rolling around in that empty space for so long and then….it stopped rolling and spoke. I wonder if these visions/memories pass in front of our eyes when we die? Seeing that leaf floating down a creek or that bit of sand blowing off the top of a dune, or the smell of the sea on a rainy morning. The other morning, I pulled out my wakizashi to practice some forms…as the light flashed on the blade, I was taken back to a summer morning years ago when my first beloved was practicing forms beside the koi pond in our back yard. I remembered seeing the blurred reflections of the trees and sky on the narrow blade and how it reflected the sun. BTW, I added another Chapter to my Samurai and Wren series and re-numbered the chapters so they are in order now. I try to write something, every day as part of the process. Even if I type the words, bah – hamburg! several times before I get down to serious work. Sometimes, something real actually comes to life under my fingers. I was “retired” a couple of months ago because they don’t want an old lady doing infrastructure engineering – they want some young upstart turk….so to spite them, I’ve been enjoying myself. As I was sitting on my back steps the other day, watching baby bluebirds learning to fly and drinking my coffee, I realized with a deep sigh that for the first time in years, I was at peace. And a friend told me the kid knew as much as storm drains as a zebra. that made me smile and enjoy myself even more. I can hardly wait for how he deals with a Japanese company they do business with. The manager already knows I have left, has expressed his ire and asked me to lunch because he missed me. I think he is ready to give them a hard time. And knowing Takahashi-san, I pity them and smile more hugely. but anyway, pulling out those pieces and writing them down makes us vulnerable. It is dependent upon how much of that vulnerability we are will to make public. Sometimes my haiku lays it all out, other times, they speak only in whispers. I wrote one recently about fragrant soft spring rain – one of those I think 50 words for rain the Japanese have… very specific. like one of those memories we pluck out – like that pebble, like the pear trees. I’m rattling on. But I like so much talking to you.

  3. My handwriting is so very bad and sometimes (sometimes!) my poor brain gets to going so fast, my writing hand can’t keep up and when I go back – I.can’ So I type. At 110 words per minute, I can fly! and when I go back and read, it is so easy to correct, change, delete, re-think. Honey pie, I’m an old cat and perfectly at ease with the new technology. my hubbie who is a young dog, distrusts it. I think I see a pattern here….but this old cat always enjoys so much your writings, regardless of how you put them down. I get a line in my head, and it rolls around in that empty space until finally, my heart grabs it and shapes it. Until it comes to be, I have a hard time sometimes, moving along until it does come to be. Sometimes I just have to write, other times, I makes myself, and other times….well, sometimes I just sit and there it comes…those words dancing across the screen and in my heart, I know it is what I mean – exactly. and as usual, I have just rattled along! 🙂

    • Rattle away!

      Oddly enough, I’m quite similarly “distrustful” of new technology in my guitar rig. I still use vacuum tube amplifiers (the sound is just better, honestly!), ’50s era pickups for my guitfiddles, and NOS components. I also would write most of my music on acoustic guitars.

      I find other people’s process so interesting, so thank you for sharing! I even had to rearrange all the furniture in my bedroom so I could be close to the window while lying on my left side to write before I go to bed.

      I’m too damn picky.

      • No you aint too damn picky. The heart wants what the heart wants. And in many cases, the old tech works and sounds better. Especially sounds – those who know still admit the records are better than cds….I still use a real violin with a real bow and resin to play. those electric thingies folk use don’t have the heart or soul – so it is only natural an acoustic guitar to write the music on is the only way to go. Probably because of early and massive drug use (oh yeah, altered states), I have a vivid imagination. I keep the image, sound, smell of something in head for ages – I close my eyes and live it again – block out all peripheral noise – and just go back to that time. One of my three most favorite poems that I recently wrote, came from a long ago memory of a trip to Japan and the river in spate – the rain that weighed down the branches of pear trees along the river and drowned them in the river – the wind and rain that took away the dead leaves on the bank – the corpses of winter – Sometimes it comes to me when I am just looking at something. We all have our processes, triggers, needs for creativity. i’m always gonna back you up on your choices – but I type as fast as I think – so that is a must for me. The other – the memories, the sensations, the now – do not care how they are written or where, only that they must be written.

        • 😀

          I’m so glad you re-followed! Your replies are like being in college again, which I miss for these sorts of discussions.

          The mental flash! of sight, sound, and emotion from some seemingly random event/experience is definitely one of my ‘triggers’ as well (and it seems we have similar adventures into altered states). I still recall floating down a river in Yamagata, staring up at the trees and sky, and bumping into a boulder that had tiny crack. In that crack was a tiny little pebble, smooth and polished, and I thought, “Out of everybody here, I am the only one who witnessed you.” While that has yet to lend itself to a poem, the memory and emotion have inspired others. I guess that’s a ‘lateral inspiration’ of sorts. Still, I recall exactly what it looks like in my mind. Other things, like are totally pricked from a bleeding imagination.

          And now, I look forward to the rainy season to experience something close to the beauty of these aforementioned pear trees.

          m(_ _)m

    • I guess everybody’s medium is a bit different. I’m probably just too old to trust this new-fangled technology. 🙂

      I’m envious!


    • There’s just something about the scratch of pen/pencil on a page that is exciting. Seeing the white spaces give way to grey or black is just ‘where it’s at.’ 🙂

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