The Spring retains the steel-blue breeze of winter
And blesses our flesh with its cold-tremor tickle
In afternoons of laze, she sprinkles sporadic rains
That start and stop with nary a trickle

Between the ebb and flow bumbles buzz; ants tow
And laundry lists listlessly, bowing in the breeze
As the sun sheds its burn, Lepidopterists adjourn
Their echoes  a serenade to the leaves

At night, in due time, heaven’s bodies align
Which blesses our flesh with their cold-tremor tickles
Downy sins do emerge; my fancy Venus in Furs
Whose love is as Spring’s: fervid yet fickle

Each Spring a holy day, as such is the Way
The world held together by the ten thousand things
To each Spring we arrive – nurtured by March and her Ides
And still we divine the beauty of Spring


2 thoughts on “11-12-13-10

  1. Ya know i always come read in spurts…cause i try to follow more people than my feeble little brain can handle so no way to really keep up…so when i come i read several things all at once (all this to say don’t think I’ve forgotten you)

    And THIS is a great example of why. Fabulous write, great imagery, awesome use of alliteration. I’ve read this twice already 🙂

    • Thank you! And I was just checking my stuffs and thinking, “Melanie is just like me. I have to go in spurts and devote real time to reading this stuff.” Alas, I’ve always been a bit manic. 🙂


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