Debtor’s Blues

The source of this  picture is unknown to me and is not   my work.  I will be happy to provide proper credit where it is due.

The source of this picture is unknown to me and is not my work. I will be happy to provide proper credit where it is due.

I promise not to bother too much with my music, but as I don’t have a new notebook yet this is what I have. 🙂 As always, I despise my singing and you should too.  Nonetheless, I liked the lyrics alright and I nicked some things from my favourite blues musicians that I found entertaining.

Oh Lord, I feel that I’m so upset
I’ve run out of time; can’t pay on my debts
Oh Lord, I plead just for a moment
I pray ya, dear Lord, just for some respite

Well I’m no singer, just songer
And I’m a son, not daughter, understand
I’m no prince, just a pauper
And if you want I’ll be your martyr
Oh, I’ll repent

Oh Lord, I see ’em coming up the driveway
Got a money bag in hand, gonna take all of my things
So let it be; well, I have nothing left to take
Just a song that I’mma hum; couple more that I’mma play

Dear Lord, I’m not a Job
And if you bend me I’mma  fold
I confess
But if you free me of my debt
Oh, for a day I’ll be better
That I swear

Yes indeed, I will work for any wage
Gotta sign that I’mma hold; a small dog by my leg
If you see me, won’t you lend a helping hand
I’ve been down on my luck; blues is falling down like rain

Dear Lord, I might inquire
Can I sit down by your fire for spell
I will witness of your ghost for a warm meal
I suppose that’d be fair.


14 thoughts on “Debtor’s Blues

    • I’d surely be kicked out for some kind of blasphemy. Hehe. But thank you kindly! This is the most positive that folks have reacted to my singing, which is notoriously bad in my ‘musician circles.’ Maybe I should sing with a cold more often! Now to fire up that peace train! 🙂

      Thank you for your kindness,

      m(_ _)m


    • I have been trying to read more closely and have been really impressed by your writing. It’s nice to read wonderful poetry once I stop buzzing long enough to read some!

      And if you want my howling on your blog, you are more than welcome to it. I’ll have to disagree about my voice, but I do greatly appreciate your appreciation. I would be honored if you put this little ditty on your blog.

      m(_ _)m

      • Awesome blues. I heard it minutes ago.
        I went directly to your page ’cause it doesn’t appear in my reader.

        • >.< I hate technology…

          And thank you for going the extra mile! My life before 'poet blogger' was performing musicians, so that means a lot to me.

          m(_ _)m


        • Youre welcome AB.
          I find your melody peaceful and soothing. im glad i came across this post.

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