I Get My Boots On

In honor of the previous post, I thought I would throw up a performance I found of my old band doing a very tongue-in-cheek “White Boy Blues” song we wrote called “Get My Boots On (It’s So Pretty).”  We purposefully tried not to get the song ‘tight’ which made it all the more fun for us to play, hence the sarcastic “it’s so pretty” you may hear every now and then.  The lyrics were usually made up on the spot, I think at some point we start remarking on how the sound guy looks like Frank Zappa (he totally did), but they centered on the singer “getting his boots on” with his wife.

As you may be able to tell, my brother and I had just recently returned from a Neil Young concert.

The Band:

Lead Vocals/Guitar:  W. Burrow
Bass:  P. Hanewinkel
Drums:  S. Baker
Guitar:  Me


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