Anglo Saxophone

Once held high, now hang low in the gallows
Eyes of youth pierced that which we call Heaven
May find the floor above their perception
And the lord deemed that we two are even

We; those; they who know not the short drop
See nary a smudge, a crack, or footprint
From Articles’ flame to just Amendment
That our hands be clean, in deed, is not echt

The blind lady our judge, and blind we are
By the sound of our names, she makes her call
It’s better to be Jacob, a Mark or Paul
Than to be stricken with the name Jamal

Above and below, we are but our flesh
With our thoughts and morals all self possessed
While those in the gallows know no privilege
Those looking down may not cry “I’m oppressed!”


2 thoughts on “Anglo Saxophone

    • Living in Japan seems to be altering my perceptions a bit. It will be interesting to see where I end up.

      Thank you very much for reading, Paul. Your words mean a lot to me,


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