Boarding the Shinkansen

To all of those weary with travel
Together may we lend our pens
In writing and recording the empty pillows
Upon which we rest our heads
For we foreign – we immigrant forsake our beds
And all our creatures of comfort
Into the mold of strange-mysterious eyes
From which we may report


16 thoughts on “Boarding the Shinkansen

    • Yeah, it seemed much more pronounced going to Tokyo solo. Maybe if Paul McCartney hadn’t gotten sick and cancelled the show, I may have missed the feeling of sleeping alone.

      • Sleeping alone sometimes is good for one. I will take off for a couple of days several times a year. I need the alone time to clean out my system. My husband will know where I am and whrn I will return. One of the times will be to a Carmelite convent for total since and medditation. I don’t mind alone.

        • That sounds like a nice excursion!

          And alone is usually preferable to me, but aforementioned “issues” and all. 😀 It’s totally healthy, I think, to have/need those alone times.

        • I usually go to the beach in January for several days too. Talk about isolation! I love it. When I was a young thang, I’d take a horse and go out in the desert for a week. I have to have those intensely, selfishly alone times. My husband totally understands because he realizes it isn’t alone from him, but alone with myself. Being at the ocean when it snows is just so… I have never understood people who just had to be with/around someone all of the time. That makes me irritable and itchy.

        • I’m really, REALLY, starting to think we’re the same person…

          That alone, quiet-contemplation time to gather, recharge, refine, and reconsider is imperative to my functioning as a person. Since I don’t work much here in Japan, I get most weekdays alone, which I enjoy so very much.

          Being alone, coming down Mt. Fuji, and having a quiet onigiri lunch on some random rock where the tree line is just starting to wane and the morning fog still lingered: that’s happiness (well, that and a warm gun [yes it is!])

        • Maybe twins!!! I have no Fuji here but I have other things. A nice little packet of onigiri, one with a center of homemade umeboshi and some cold water is a fine sit on a rock lunch. I was probably your age when I climbed Fuji. Oh how you remind me of that….that and the warm gun is happiness! One of my last vacations as a single person, was two weeks in the Mojave watching meteor showers. I only spoke to my horse during that time frame – only sounds were the natural sounds around me. I really do need those times. It is good you have those times to yourself. With so many people around and so much going on, it is, as you know, so important to stay sane.

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