Midnight plumes display

Midnight plumes display

Her span drips: tip to tip

Called to hurried flight


5 thoughts on “Midnight plumes display

      • I sometimes will write one many times before I like it. it took me awhile to get my “drowned flowers” poem the way I wanted it. I can hardly wait, for the “better” one of this. as it is, I can see the hawk I watched for about 20 minutes this afternoon as it sailed over our neighborhood, hunting.

        • On a walk the other day, I saw an image I fear I’ll never get right. Cranes, mountains, rivers, small waterfalls… Nope, I’ll spend my entire life trying to get good enough to get that one written. 😀

          “A satellite fades” is the one I think is better, though the more I read it the less I like it. must… not… edit…

        • LOL I have some of those. I know they are “good’ but leave me empty. I think of deleting, but get…distracted. “water flowers” is my favorite of mine.

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