Iunius wakes

Embed from Getty Images


Fields shimmer to gold

While summits hold red-fire light

Iunius wakes


7 thoughts on “Iunius wakes

    • I wish it were my own! I’ve been trying to take advantage of the gettyimage free-usage to ‘enhance’ my words. The pictures I take, like the one in “The mountain poses,” just cannot compare. 😦

      And thank you for reading my poetry! m(_ _)m


  1. takes my breath away. I read before the picture came up and I could see it in my mind. When the pic came up, I was not disappointed in the vision from the words alone.

    • And the picture is the closest approximation I could find of what I saw driving home from Koriyama yesterday. It was just that perfect moment where you come over/around a mountain and catch the rice fields just as the sun goes from yellow to orange, just before it slinks behind the mountains ahead. Gorgeous.

      I’m also torn about the images. I would hope that the haiku would plant the image in the mind, and I worry that the pics may rob folks of their own picture of the words (assuming folks do as such). However, this “use gettyimages for free!” thing is super nice! 😀

      • I think of things like this when I think of Japan. I had gone to Shizuoka and was standing on a hill, overlooking part of the city, the bridge there, the cemetery just at dawn when the city was all quiet and no one was stirring. I looked and there was Fuji, in that stage where the snowcap is melting and looks like runnels around the top. June, I think. I stood there alone looking down over it all, looking at Fuji – like you with that pebble…all I could think of over and over in my head was that Paul Simon song, The Only Living Boy in New York City – but it was perfect in my head. visions of sleepy people arising, tousled hair, taking their showers, brewing their tea, getting ready for rice and natto for breakfast. Damn good sake…amazing sake.

        • Despite time and distance, I do believe I’ve found a very kindred spirit. Quiet, personal, seemingly stolen moments…

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