The brushy wind waves


The brushy wind waves

Her purple petals – ponder

My sight a Monet


9 thoughts on “The brushy wind waves

    • Thank you for reading and visiting. Unfortunately, I cannot claim credit for this gorgeous picture, but I am unashamedly taking advantage of gettyimages ‘free usage for blogs’ policy. Willard Clay/ Stone took an amazing photo and I’m more than happy to do my little part in diffusing the beauty that they captured.


    • I am humbled that you would have my words on your blog. I am thrilled that I may have written something that caused pleasure in a reader.

      m( _ _ )m
      m( _ _ )m

      • Always. This is what I’m doing now instead of forwarding or accepting awards. I am taking the time to comment more and to reblog things that hit me as special. These groups of poems and this one struck me as extra special. So!!!! Just my way of being Susie Sunshine and Culture Spreader. LOL But truly, I wanted some of those who claim haiku to see some real haiku and those who go write regular poetry, to see some good examples of excellent poetry! I can’t buy my fellow bloggers a cup of coffee, but I can reblog and brag about the person I reblogged! Honey, you just got bragged on.

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