Red Eye (Listening to Guthrie)

Embed from Getty Images


Pictures of people all plastic on credit
Part from the parcel we found on our debit
Find rows of McMansions grey all their houses
Dreary long driveways with Stepford-style spouses
Greeting each noble disciple espousing
Capital pleases his Lord of arousing
Justice is bleeding the eye of the holder
Meek be the poorer the richer grow bolder


5 thoughts on “Red Eye (Listening to Guthrie)

    • That’s the best I can really hope for. I know we’re quite far apart on these issues, but it fills me with joy that we are not divided. Who knows, I may grow out of my new hippie phase!

      And most importantly, thank you for visiting my little side yet again,


    • And it is all about appearances, isn’t it? /snark

      As for the rhythm, I thought I’d give some tetrameter a go, but I’ve got a ways before it gets to be natural. I did have some great musical inspiration for it, at least.


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