i remember

i remember the quake

through the eyes of those

trembling with each tremor

eyes toward heaven

stillness in their hearts

breath held ’til the rumble


and stillness reclaims

neurotic plates

and conversation returns



tepid at first

while the world resettles

upon it’s nickel-iron core

the quake recedes

from 3o meters high

back to the sea

behind the mind

and smiles return

’til the next taciturn moment

where trembles rumble

with each tremor

beneath our feet


6 thoughts on “i remember

    • Once again, thank you. It’s something that breaks my heart. When I’m spending time with the survivors, teaching them English, laughing and drinking together, all the world is right. However, you see it in their eyes when a tremor hits, one big enough to consider the coming earthquake.

      I really wish it were my writing, but it’s simply the life we live here in Fukushima.

      m(_ _)m

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s easy to forget about the tsunami and earthquake for folks around the world. Not so much for those living here in Fukushima.

      m(_ _)m


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