Mega Man Boss Fight

Embed from Getty Images

So, I wrote some weird Mega Man-esque 8-bit sounding music a bit back and thought I would post it. Got kinda weird today and added a guitar track. I find the entire thing to be quite humorous, but the breakdown with the drum machine cracks me up the most. It’s SUPER repetitive.  Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Mega Man Boss Fight

    • Thank you! I noticed that the track didn’t upload quite how I intended, though. The breakdown drum track is supposed to be accompanied by the opening drum track for the last 1/3 of the “song.” Well, しょうがない。

  1. Yes, it’s fun! I added my own animation, in my imagination anyway. It was more of a dance than a fight. That break gave a chance for the dancers to catch their breath. 🙂

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