Hollow Tongue

So I flick with hollow tongue
words which flippant arrows long
between good rhythms – entranced/numb
mean nill/little – eh, urr, uhm
in place null nind wor bazzle eem fron
to splick sper sprazzl lund auf ber lon
frickle lee tun – braken der stron
isth leef doth brickle und dun I long
To sik un simkle and dreem for a hum
The nights I whittle and twiddle my thumbs
For the meat and the muscle in my mouth grows numb
And so it goes
And on it goes
-my hollow tongue


3 thoughts on “Hollow Tongue

  1. This was a joy to read aloud. What a rollicking mouthful! Grin. Blessings to you and your wife this Christmas. I hope the year ahead is good to you both. The last solstice I spent in Japan was at Ryoan-ji. You two take a long yu.zu bath together…

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