A steel wind’s caress

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A steel wind’s caress

Dresses across empty fields

Rustling her ghosts


3 thoughts on “A steel wind’s caress

    • Thank you. Your words truly help me keep posting. I had been writing poetry in my head, just before sleep, and forgetting it all. It was kind of like having it be just mine, a secret. Posting what I think is the best of what I write can be a little draining, so I pulled back to “enjoy myself” a bit.

      It warms this young man’s old heart to see that you h ad not forgotten me.

      m(_ _)m
      m(^ ^)m
      m(_ _)m

      • I walk around mulling on my thoughts a bit for several days and let them out. I’m a drive by blogger, don’t post every day, have only recently started following prompts. I like the ones best that comeout of my own little head. And it does this old lady’s young heart good to read your poems.

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