Site borked (UPDATED!)

This fixed itself over the last two days, so yay!  I blame the gremlins at wordpress for the issues.  And thank you to everybody who commented and helped me troubleshoot.  It is greatly appreciated.

m(_ _)m



11 thoughts on “Site borked (UPDATED!)

  1. I get something like that when using Google Chrome. I have found that going into Settings->Advanced settings and clicking on the button for “Clear data” under the Privacy heading usually fixes it. Something similar in other browsers may do the same thing for you, it just happens that I use Chrome most of the time.

    • Chrome is my usual browser, as well. What was weird is that the site worked on my mobile if I wasn’t using my home network. I will definitely keep that trick in mind, though. I’m sure it will come in handy.

    • I’m getting this weird, HTML looking mess that keeps me from doing almost anything. My reader is broken and all other WP sites are “borked.”

      Thanks for letting me know it’s just me, though. Much appreciated.

      • And who knows, maybe WP did one of those “improvements” which changes borders and spacing on certain themes without letting anyone know. grrrrrrrr hey, we got 3 inches of sleet and 4 inches of snow today. Are you envious???? Ha!

        • Ha! We’re just now crawling out from under those endless meters of snow we’ve had since December! Luckily, we don’t get too much sleet here, so it’s been easier to drive. 😀

          And it looks like the site’s back up and running! I thought they may have done an update (I noticed got one) and I got caught in the crossfire. But at least for today, it’s working!

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