Spring Fling

Red breasts bare; farewell to winter
And roofs drip drops in time
The air sings songs of adulation
Exubed with nature’s rhyme

The sun rise rays raise doting amours
To plant in flow’ring beds
So spring may fling new vibrant colors
And come when summer’s wed

And rain, dear rain, come soothe our fervor
Do quench the kindle’s will
What burns in spring’s abyssal belly
May protrude and spill

So revel long in spring-time fete
As summer soon be here
Once Erotes be a belly sate
Do draw your lover near


7 thoughts on “Spring Fling

  1. Really nice … a nice “twist” at the end … a celebration of spring, working around to the fling …

    Nice imagery too.

    (And, yay spring!!)

      • Here in CO, we’re probably not done with snow yet … we always get one or two big spring snows. And, though February was the snowiest February on record, the rest of our winter was pretty mild. The eastern part of the US had it much worse than we did. We were pretty dry until February. But I do love the longer days .. How late does it stay light where you are, during the long days of summer?

        • Well, I quickly figured out why they call Japan “The land of the rising sun.” Since we don’t have any daylight savings BS, it will stay bright ’til 8pm-ish during the summer (IIRC). The bad part, the “rising sun” part, is that it gets bright about 4am. It gets real hard to sleep through that without blackout curtains!

          However, watching the sun rise over the mountains and castle from my apartment does make up for some of the inconvenience.

        • I am one of those weird people that doesn’t get woken by the light … I’m never aware of when the light starts shining into the bedroom. Except when I’m somewhere other than my own room … like on vacations.

          I don’t mind the daylight savings, as I like the light later in the day, since I’m not much of a morning person. I like that it’s light until 8ish … we have the mountains in the west, which, while producing some spectacular sunsets, makes us loose about 30-60 mins of daylight.

    • I’m trying to do form variations a bit more and have fun with the content It seems like I may have succeeded! Also, the wife just came home for lunch a read it. She muttered something about a cold shower… 😉

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