bring out your dead

bring out your dead!
bring out your dead!
let’s see how low we hang our heads
when we try the departed in cause for their deaths
when we see the reasons we’re better they’re dead

a ticket, a fine – well, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
a missed support payment? the streets will flow red!
a broken tail-light? oh, that’s punishable by death!
a pronouncement of rights? no witnesses, my friend…

and, aye, the line, toe as the danger comes
if no one be looking, ‘he went for my gun!’
but nigh the eye of a nation looks on
how many more martyrs must hashtags become?

til corpses bloom citizens with recording red eyes
who count all the metal barb bristles which hide
in the backs of our brethren, to whom we deny
the presumption of justice – to this day she’s still blind


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