Blossoms of the Night

So, obviously cherry blossom viewing, “hanami,” is very popular in Japan, but what some people may not realize is that it’s a night-time thing, as well. While these photos may not be as majestic as the daytime shots, I think I enjoy the night viewing more than the regular viewing.

Please enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Blossoms of the Night

  1. There is indeed something magical about the blooming of the blossoms at night. And the temple is spectacular. I’m trying to remember – s this the temple where they frequently project different colors or images on the sides?

    • This is actually Tsurugajyo, or Wakamatsu Castle, and not a temple. We’re doing a “Come visit Fukushima” campaign, so the castle has been lit up like this every night for the last month or so. I am lucky enough that I can see it from my apartment. If only I could stop being awestruck long enough to write something down… 😀

      • Thank you for the info. it is so beautiful. I’d love t come visit Fukushima. I remember it as beautiful although some parts are still off limits, from what I understand. So sad. And it is indeed so very beautiful.

        • The exclusion zone is still here, but it is much, much closer to Miyagi-ken than to my home. Nevertheless, we, being those on the other side of the prefecture, suffer the stigma most while being much more removed from that awful disaster.

          I know it’s not too much, and with your reposting of my hanami pics (thank you for that! seriously, that meant more to me than you can know) it’s a bit more, but I like to think I am making at least a little difference here. 🙂

        • I imagine you are. And this is yet another reason I wish you would get “into” dVerse Poetics. you already follow or have liked another poet in the community – Bjorn Rudberg. While we have prompts to follow, we also have times for “free” posting. usually I get all Japanese-y on them..LOL…but with your talent and versatility and by using some of those pics of yours with the poem, that would open to another community. Just sayin’..You and I have a love for this country and its beauty and uniqueness, for different and yet some same reasons. I like finding out about the exclusion zone so I can say…hey, there are beautiful parts you can visit with no fear.

    • I wish I could take credit for them, but the blossoms did all the work. Not bad for our little Fukushima, I think. I’m also glad that you enjoyed them. 😀


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