A Little Revelry

the nights i find are total delights
indulgent a muse red tannins imbibed
and all the world neath shimmering pearls
blue blankets moon blossoms kisses from girls
and for my love i am a hedon
for gay is blush bacchus with whom i reason
that now i find Nature a scarlet creature
with her motions she wakes this enamoured satyr
and finds my body naked on the world
beneath firmament s blanket
and shimmering pearls

French Press (or ‘Would You Like a Cuppa Coffee’)

I am reblogging this for dVerse Poets “Everyday” poetry prompt. The tenor and vehicle are both things that I do, or at least I should, enjoy daily, so I thought that it fits. Please enjoy!

Mild Musings from a Mediocre Man

Two minutes to eternity
So I enjoy the wind
The summer breeze does taste as sweet
As the lips of Her, my friend
The fainted flavour of Her kind
That I do eager meet
And such my single, solid mind
Shall worship at Her feet

From up her toes, those glamour gams
Shine brazen in the sun
Her goose-fleshed pricks send men to fits
Of which I am but one
Each one drunk in a punch-drunk love
From which we all repent
For lust that lingers on our tongues
Shall bring our descent

Alas, but one mere minute gone
My mouth still burned with thirst
Then I do spy from up her thigh
Oh dear…  I must be terse
The womb of man and all his kind
Shall in no way diffuse
The weight upon my maligned mind
Which found where went its muse

Into Her bosom, higher still

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月見時に                 (tsukimi ji ni)                         As we watched the moon

我々笑った              (ware-ware waratta)      We laughed

大声で                       (ookigoe de)                         In a loud voice

朝にすぐ入り          (asa ni sugu iri)                   Into the early morning

まだお目を慕う      (mada ome wo shitau)    Still, I adore your eyes

This poem has been submitted to dVerse Poets under the prompt “Insta-Poetics.” There is a “2am” in the poem which I think will be easy to find.  For those “form”alists, there’s a reason why lines 3 and 5 have an extra syllable in the original.  🙂

Morning Fete

Before the world explores her day
and light defines the sill
The padding of a spring-fed rain
implore my eyes to peel

To sit and drape the stark night’s cape
bare, moonless; clothed in clouds
About my chest and naked breasts
To muse her muddled sounds

‘Til morning rays do draw my gaze
on perfect peaks desire
And up like wraiths her ghosts escape
to heaven they perspire

Now I alone – alone at last
find droplets rapt in fete
Her heavy sighs caress the mind
My soothing morning rain