Too Soon I Love


of all the words a poet must possess

i find that i have none left

beside the simplest thought i own

my dear, i love you, but you cannot know

your lips look soft; they pucker at rest

your eyes brown wells of soon regret

and your hair seems silk though i know coarse to touch

and how i linger on ev’ry light brush

your voice does make with my byzantine ear

flush with blood, the mind despairs

that wed you are and barely a name

but too soon i love

and for love, i’m ashamed


4 thoughts on “Too Soon I Love

  1. …beautiful…

    i really like it! i know that sometimes “old-fashioned” can be seen as a derogatory comment, but in this case, i use “old-fashioned” as a compliment. there’s a very old-fashion feel to this poem — a sense of time long past, a harkening back to the ideals of courtly love.

    nicely done, my friend.

    • Thank you! And I by no means take “old fashioned” as derogatory. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sentimentalism if the mood fits, I think.

      As for courtly lover, I think that’s quite apt now that I think about it. Love across boundaries and status that seem nigh impossible to breach. Nevertheless, there’s still the pining. 😀

  2. So lovely and so sad. A soft romantic touch without being too gushy – romantic in the classic sense of the word. The photo of the one petal on the arm adds to it. Old fashioned sound and rhythm but modern in the simplicity of the phrases. Truly excellent poem. The voice of it is beautiful.

    • Thank you so very much. I have the “everything must be perfect” block right now, and I knew I was taking a chance with this one. Just need to get that ink to flow again, I thought. I guess a bit of honesty seems to work best.

      m(_ _)m

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