Thursday Morning Tanka #3

Rusting leaves collect

In the molding, blind corners

Of an empty home

Dressed in the day’s disaster

Witnessed by these hollow bones


7 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Tanka #3

  1. There are few things sadder than an empty, decaying building. I suppose that is why they’re so intrinsic to scary/suspenseful types of stories and movies — the images of ghost, the rambling memories contained in the walls …

  2. I like the images, which seem a bit lonely, you have written into this poem. The rusting leaves, for example. And the hollow bones.

    • Thank you for reading and feeling my little words. I think there’s quite a bit of melancholy about even the western parts here in Fukushima. It probably has an effect in ways we may not even realize.

      m(_ _)m

  3. I can relate to this totally after having had many conversations with my engineer friend, displaced to the US after the tsunami. the photo and the words go together so very well. Such a sad sing to read and think about – those things once loved now empty.

    • The house next to my apartment is this gorgeous, two-story home with maple trees and some bamboo in front of it. It has been empty since we arrived here. We don’t know exactly why it’s empty, but we think it’s related to the tsunami. There are still a lot of empty homes and lots here. 😦

      • And some may, by Japanese standards be considered to be of ill ward or haunted. It is sad for such a thing to have happened and emptied part of such a beautiful area.

        • It is, but there’s still a few of us here, rebuilding and living. We have a saying here:


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