Summer Tanka #1.15

As the full moon drifts

My new neighbor dressed in clouds

Rests upon the blessed

Air of early summer rain

Sweetened by the dampened earth


3 thoughts on “Summer Tanka #1.15

  1. This is resplendent – i do like these words for the moon. Haven’t seen much of you and you have been missed. Hey! Guess who is now part of dVerse team! Yeppers, me. If you go to dVerse Poetics and look under dTeam, you will find me…..the one with white hair and no face but a cherry blossom hairstick…..

    • Congratulations on your promotion! You certainly deserve it as you are a splendid poet and so very welcoming. 😀 The back of your head looks beautiful, too!

      I have to admit to a bit of disillusion with writing and its efficacy, both internal and external, so I’ve done a disappearing act. I’ve also picked up several new English students, two of which are young girls aged 9 and 10, which are requiring a lot more attention. As I tend to give wholeheartedly to my students, this takes a lot out of me. Couple that with Aikido tests, language exchanges, and student loans, I’m a worn out little gaijin!

      It warms my chalky bones to hear that you missed me, though. I intend to be around much more. 😀

      • I think writing can do that a bit sometimes. I went several years without writing and then…..bam! back in the saddle again. I don’t write every day like some people do. to make a routine of it instead of from the heart, from the vision. I am glad you are keeping busy and have extra students. I’ll bet they look up at you in amazement! Aikido is wonderful and it is such a wonderful thing to practice. Helps with dancing!!! I am glad you will be around more. I miss your writing and your cheeky self. We gaijin have to stick together. I thank you for thinking I am a splendid poet. The past few days have been wistful and pulling bloody poetry out of my heart – 25 years ago, my Samurai returned to Hakone and it seems, that ache doesn’t leave. I love my husband dearly and would die for him, but being second choice t a country is hard, but….that is how they are….. Take care my friend.

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