As bell crickets swoon

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As bell crickets swoon

Golden fields fall beneath scythes

And burn to heaven

This poem has been submitted to dVerse poets Ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strange)


17 thoughts on “As bell crickets swoon

  1. I really like this. Bell and pine crickets are two of my favorite kigo. the thoughts of the scythed stems of the grain being burned and rising to heaven – excellent. An incredible change to the end of a life cycle….Smiles – time may change me, but I can’t trace time….

    • Thank you! I’m making an effort. 🙂

      I was torn about the scythe, but I found some interesting tenor and vehicle play that I hope comes across.

      Also, for some reason I’ve really noticed the change from the cicada to the crickets in fall. Maybe I’m going native…


      • Nope honey, you’re going Southern. We folk down here always know the difference between the two and even call cicadas, dry flies because of their clackety clacking. We also know the difference in the sounds beteen the various crickets as well. they all blend as part of the aki no koe….

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