An ascetic prays

An ascetic prays

Hands clasped before an aged heart

Beside broken leaves


4 thoughts on “An ascetic prays

    • I guess giving myself a concussion spurred a writing spree worth publishing! 😀

      A thriller? Hmm, I may have to take a shot at that one. I’ll have to work in some Michael Jackson allusions.


      • I’ve embedded the video…LOL. I’m doing two posts – Midnight Moon and The Attic. The Attic is from my childhood. I never know if it is true or a nightmare, but I swear it is true. Stephen King would approve. And I did it via Haibun! the haiku is:
        Summer heat turns to
        frost and fear – the scariest
        ghost stories are real…
        Yes, I’m in a teasing mood. wink

        And how did you give yourself a concussion? Is this going to make you go all Poe on me? Midnight Moon is already posted on my site. The Attic will get posted later tomorrow after the post goes live or…undead.

        • Well, as for the concussion, I’m 6’3″ and the doors in my apartment are short. I usually duck enough when going through them. Usually…

          And I love a good tease! Rereading “Midnight Moon” now, but my first reading was much enjoyed. 😀

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