A Word with You

When will these words become my own
I’m too far gone from my home
To know just what to say to you
But I know I will soon

And when will my dreams turn out right
I spent so long in bed with you tonight
That I forgot to dream about you
But I know I will soon 

As I woke this morning I called your name
But to my side was an empty place
In vain I reached for you 
But you left far too soon

So now I sit with this book in hand
In hopes of explaining my left hand
How I want to tell you it’s you
My love, it’s you


3 thoughts on “A Word with You

  1. This is a lovely poem. It is wistful and so resonant of such love dreams. It calls to mind dreams I have had, dreams so rich and vivid I felt under my hand, the skin of him for whom I reached.

    • I’m happy you find it so! I think I’m rebuilding my… well, just about everything these days, and the Japanese increasingly comes first, English second. Your words always make my day. 🙂

      I have to admit thinking about you and your samurai was an influence, too. Love is ふしぎ.

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