part 2

you wanna know have i moved on
have you been abandoned
if there is room left here in this void
into which ive screamed and poured
our record; dreams and saviors
all gone, rubbished and stale
miles of emptied railway and highway
between us; its been a ride
but i think it may be time
ill consider coming home


3 thoughts on “part 2

  1. Yes my dear, it does seem it is time to return home. Time to return to the open fields and ranges of OK, your grandmother’s porch….there comes a time when one has to return to the beginning, to the center. I had that time 23 years ago. The return took me tgrough some dark times but it brought me back out into the light, into joy and sanity.

    • I believe you’re right. This last year has been… a year. I think I can finally sit on that porch next summer. It’ll be the first time in 4 years I’ve stepped foot outside of Japan, let alone placed that foot back home.

      I could use some centering. 😀

      Kanzen, you are always a blessing

      • Bless your heart. I think some summer nights watching the fireflies, or watching the leaves turning color, or watching the snow blowing – a long walk or 10 in your grandmother’s pature – all would help to ground and center you. It may seem strange again and of course, you have eaten of the fruit of a foreign land and can’t really go back home again in your current state, but I think your state will alter and you will find peace again.

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