The Divorce (1)

These days
the tears fall with grace
The beads
be hallowed seeds
that trace
aged lines
down my face

And all I to see
wet lashes like latticed lace
Fog a future I effortlessly erase

I sit low on my throne
emptied, artificial love
Beggard from giving my heart
to anyone
Who’d hold it tight
for a night
for the time I’d be numb
See it returned depleted
being the cheated one


4 thoughts on “The Divorce (1)

  1. It pained me to read this and know what you’re going through, we have never met, but i consider you my friend, and care for you, here’s something i never said to you before, with everything i know about you or have gathered, you are FAR from mediocre 🙂 sending my warmest wishes along for this tough phase, i know you will come out of it soon and stronger 🙂

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