god is an american
made of smith and wessen
from a pulpit he preach
pulling blood to the street
to put a stop pop the screech
of a sacred amendment

god is an american
possibly a publican
each tax steals a beat
lobbed pockets silver speach
gluts a lecherous leach
probably a publican

god is an american
just a pill-milled heroine
confined to the worn
of a warm violent porn
it`s what we all want adore
what`s more american?

i think
god is an american


4 thoughts on “giaa

  1. So i like this one, very powerful. But what are you saying? That God is the one responsible/lets this happen? OR that we put shit like guns, amendment and such on a pedistool and they become our “god”? Everything has to be this way or that, and no room for in between

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    • If I say what I meant, where`s the fun?? I will say that a reader`s interpretation of a poem is usually much more useful than the writer`s intent. Usually. I also would hate to take away any reading that you may have.

      However, I will say that I am not referencing a religious “God,” hence why I said above that the capitalization is important.

      What one says they believe and what one`s actions convey are often not the same thing.

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