The Writer

I’ve been contemplating removing one veil of my anonymity here.  As a few have noticed, my real name is on the site, hidden in plain sight, and I’ve taken to signing my initials on some of my replies, but I’ve tried to keep a modicum of myself intangible.  Privacy is quite important, but intimacy is as well.  It is for the sake of intimacy that I offer a little more of myself here.

My name is Aaron.  I’ve lived most of  my life in Oklahoma, but I’ve spent some time in Las Vegas, Nevada and Yokote, Akita, Japan.  I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Applied Linguistics and a certificate to teach English as a Second Language.  I began writing poetry when I was thirteen, and I have continued writing ever since.  Before this blog, I showed my writing only to very close, special people in my life and have always been too afraid to present anything “mine” to the public.  However, something finally pushed me to present here, and here I sit, warts and all.



5 thoughts on “The Writer

      • It may take me a bit, but being a curious old cat, I like to poke around and find things out. it is nice to find treasures instead of the usual moth or bug. I’m really taken with blogs about Emily Dickinson. I discovered her when I was 10 – what a world she opened to my oldyoung mind. And of course we move on to Thoreau, Emerson, et. al. I’m going back and give them the attention they deserve. Right now, I’m still getting over being sick and am taking it easy. Although it seems I went on a blog frenzy the last couple of days…

        • Thoreau was the first author that really intrigued me. Oddly enough, it was “Walden” and “Life Without Principle” (along with the movie “Waking Life”) that really gave me an intellectual curiosity greater than playing and performing music.

          Dickinson has also had an immense influence on my poetry. My work is not so great (hint; look at the name!), but my study of her poetry during the spring semester REALLY opened my eyes to the mechanics and techniques one can employ to express his or herself. I feel that it made me a much better poet.

          I also did a presentation on Emerson’s “Self Reliance.” I almost just got up in front of the class and said, “Read it your own damn self!” and walked off. Alas, I did the assignment (a review over “Sonic Culture in ‘Self Reliance'”), but the teacher thought that would have been awesome nonetheless. 😀

        • That presentation would have been perfect! it has a zen-ness to it. I still have the first book of Dickinson’s poems i bought for myself with my birthday money – ragged, tattered, full of comments and notes in ever changing handwriting.

          But Thoreau? I consider him and JD Salinger’s my mentors. Some day I’ll tell you all about Mr. Salinger – another story for another time. Maybe when I’m doing a mental walkabout in your mom’s pasture, I’ll verbalize it and send to you. I know you will appreciate.

          And….your musings are anything but mediocre. I look for them as I look for the first snowflake of winter.

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