The name,
written in the foreign form,
causes a panic, a committee, a rush
of blood

A soft, subtle hint,
a doubt,
a reconsidering of everything

Knots form in the belly, the gut,
the ‘hara-kiri’ cuts
through one tongue to another
They know, assume, the blight of skin and
foreign-flipping tongue cannot wriggle free
phonemes and morphemes
unseen in childhood

it opens.
The pale face gapes
air flows – shoots
-understandable? かな-
– 分。。。 分か。。。 分かっているか -

The eyes relax; the lips relax
The heart relaxes; and the brain
– A good one. Amazing. So skillful -
they coo

The sound of “hello” must surely be a ruse.

To Autumn

Long forgotten fowl return to the shore
Honking and sqaunking, I realized one morn
For lack of her spirit, I’d been forlorn
My love, my lost muse, again, I implore

Through fall be my creature – thy beauty be mine
Alone fill still winter – thistle and pine
Find seed in the season – Demeter’s distress
‘Til Hades release her, please, be my guest

Reside in these leaves of Midas’ good grace
And glory in alabaster’s embrace
Your ghost be my ferry to bring our dear spring
In my crypt keep your chamber; through me, sing.