To Autumn

Long forgotten fowl return to the shore
Honking and sqaunking, I realized one morn
For lack of her spirit, I’d been forlorn
My love, my lost muse, again, I implore

Through fall be my creature – thy beauty be mine
Alone fill still winter – thistle and pine
Find seed in the season – Demeter’s distress
‘Til Hades release her, please, be my guest

Reside in these leaves of Midas’ good grace
And glory in alabaster’s embrace
Your ghost be my ferry to bring our dear spring
In my crypt keep your chamber; through me, sing.

Mid-September Aizu

Fall in Aizu

Beginnings of fall at Tsurugajyo

Fall flowers devour late summer’s leaves
Whose husks of rust crinkle beneath our feet
Chilling, the air brings pipping-wood chimneys
Smelling of maple; ’tis never more sweet

Sunsets sing amber – weave weary skyline
Crickets crick haughty with impeccable time
The night air wills sharper, tearing the eyes
Of lovers stolen beneath moonshine

And here I sit, masked behind whisped curtains
Scribbling scrabbles – enjoying the fete
Eyeing the world, unable to explain,
The beauty of fall comes less death abate

September Calls

as September calls, the leaves fall
our world less vibrant green
the summer sweat reforms, begets
a melancholy dream

where once lush blossoms filled the air
mere petals now repose
shriveled – brown; a corpse flower now
delights now decompose

less wherewithal, they whither ’til Spring
suffering axis tilt
where chilblain breezes – coughin’s and sneezes -
ensure each birth a-jilt

we, with our hands deep in compost,
resign behind barred doors
careful to sit beyond the prick
when winter does implore

each mem’ry had of Autumn’s fall
that took our vibrant greens
the summer sky – blue and wide
an apparition it seems