Fall 2019 #32

So long the sun of summer rose
And bloomed divine petals
Like rainbow stains from fallen rains
Pressed by judge’s gavel

But lo! the judge is gone from us
And scattered all in wind
Our babbled tongues and hubris
Caused summer to rescind

So in the winter of our sun
Our colors bleed to grey
What was pristine will lose its sheen
We’ll fall by scythe’s blade

And remain in the spirit born to us
By design? I think by fate
The heaven that was over us
Lost its pearly gate

Thus, in the fall, shall we revel
In colors’ brightened end
We know the cold comes for us
Our summer won’t come again

Fall 2019 #31

How quick it seems, the reds from greens
Comes earlier each year
Though summer’s longer, ever hotter,
Fall creeps ever near

I feel the chill of axis tilt
How breaths escape my lungs
And forms a ghost of memory
Past lives I abandoned

Remembering each noon that bloomed
Before each summer’s end
Beneath my sheets, where I retreat,
When greens again turn red.

Fall 2019 #30

the evening i watched bumbles in flight
have grown much shorter
while morning’s chill has stretched into noon
and continues to loiter

the breaths i breathe i find condensed
in tapestries and threads
though the sun dispassionately
sits high above my head

Hey, Little Momma (I’m a Bad Man)

Hey, little mama, whatcha thinkin’ thatcha gonna do?
Hey, little mama, are you thinkin’ that I’m through wi’chyou?
You go out that do’ I’mma tell you what I’m gonna do
I’mma find my nine, betta believe I’ll bury you…

Hey, little mama, don’cha know I know where ya been?
Goin’ out parading and a drinkin’ til it’s half past ten
You goin’ out to meet ‘im and tha good Lord is a thinkin’ it’s a sin
‘N you know that won’t do… so I’mma put you 6 feet in…

No, sorry, sheriff. No, I can’t say I know where she is…
No, sorry, sheriff. No, I can’t say I know where she went…
Well, you know, we’d been a fightin’, so maybe she’s a stayin’ with a friend
Oh, Sunday? OK. Alright. I guess I’ll be seeing you then…