Into the Pasture



Searching ‘neath petals
Of her Dandelion bed
Yellow sun reflects

Golden girdle dance
To drink her fragrant nectar
Under cotton skies

With a start, she flies
White-light reflected sunshine
To the far flower

A peak of orange
Her swollen fertility
Dripping down my chin

Her soft breath relieves
The weary traveler
And sage alike



First light – cuckoo cries
The burning orange arrival
Weeping weary eyes

Fragile, slight hopper
So careful beneath the boot
I must be careful

Fiddle-back spider
What tune do you have for me?
– I’ll be on my way

Wonder along
Each step, a chorus takes flight
I move slower still

The sun sneaks behind
Its puffy, white illusion
Kissing garden leaves
To give the farmer respite
For that one moment – then gone



A fence post’s rust peaks
Between rows hidden by reeds
The wire long and gone

Iron juts timber
Leaving rings along the ground
Exposing grasses

Forgotten fence posts
Rest to rust under the sun
Memory erect

Marlboro filter
Lost beside the pecan tree
Who laid you to rest?



Upon this page
A light, golden visitor
Takes a quick respite

Red-bodied devil
Eager to sting any foe
Or calm observer

Busy bees pardon
This man’s sudden intrusion
Between purple stalks

Uncut brush a-buzz
The rainbow cacophony
A springtime ballet

Flower to flower
As if brewing the season
My nectar, a pils



Fields of clover rise
A blue butterfly imbibes
Flitting; one-to-one

Yellow wings give chase
To rest abed a rose
Red, but out of place

Monarchs flit above
Weaving stalks of lavender
Warming migration

Soapy, frothy bog
Whose banks bore leaves – exalted
By her majesty



Stoic Patriarch
Absorbing sun’s reflection
To ease – little shade

Beams peak through the leaves
As feathers squabble – intent
Lie, kissing the breeze

Perched upon branches
Grey and blue and white feathers
Loosening pecans

Scissor-tail aflight
Mocking those earth-bound beneath
On the languid plain



Rows of clay houses
Dry beneath unfettered sun
Almost to crumble

A million legs dredge
Amongst the mud, scavenging
Spring’s early blossoms

Silken, half-inch worm
Traversing myriad blades
Where do you find home?
The field’s awash in prayers
Honoured by a guiltless god



Fields of green imbibe
Years of unanswered prayers
Longing to be green

Crabs of grass delight
In sudden, torrential rain
Too long in coming

Forgotten plastic
Exposed by the breaking drought
May you too be green


8 thoughts on “Into the Pasture

    • If only it would, and I sincerely hope it will. Thank you for visiting this old work. It warms my heart that you’d take the time and consideration.

      Thank you.

  1. I did a re-read of this. I don’t know why I didn’t “like” or comment then. Blasted by walking pneumonia at the time, I think. These are truly marvelous and the photos make them intensely so.

    • Thank you for revisiting them! I hardly imagined anybody reading any of my poems, let alone rereading them!

      And this was what broke me out of my writer’s block, at least to some degree. I believe you did comment on the individual groupings, but not on the compilation, which is just fine. So, you probably heaped all your glorious praise then! /blush

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